Building Permits

 A completed application form, along with any other required documentation and the applicable fees, need to be submitted to the Department prior to a permit being issued. Go to appropriate link(s) below depending on the type of permit you require.

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Commercial         Residential         Electric         HVAC         Plumbing
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Fence   Tent/Trailer   Demolition   Signs   Cell Tower


Fees (Cash or Check Payment Only)

Active Permits Map

Want to know what properties in your neighborhood have active permits? Click here to find out.


COMMERCIAL   Regulations State Release
New Application    
Addition Application    
Interior Remodel/Build Out Application    
Demolition Application   Utility Retirement Form
      Demolition Guidelines
RESIDENTIAL                         What do I need a permit for?

  Residential Permitting Steps

New Home Application   Energy Code Process & Forms
New Modular Home Application    
New Manufactured Home   Application    
Addition Application   Energy Code Process & Forms
Renovation Application    
Accessory Application    
Demolition Application   Utility Retirement Form
      Demolition Guidelines


Fence (City Only) Application Regulations

Clear Sight Area Requirements

Temporary Tent/Trailer       

Application Regulations


Electric Permits  Application   Residential Rewire/Upgrade
      Solar Installer's Guidelines
      Solar Photovoltaic Permit Guidelines
Plumbing Permits    Application  
AC/HVAC Permits                   Application  


Application Sign Permitting Steps
    South Bend Regulations St. Joseph County Regulations

CELL TOWERS                       

Application South Bend Regulations  St. Joseph County Regulations

For more information contact the building department at 574-235-9554 or email