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Report Flood Damage to St. Joseph County EMA

For homeowners with flood damage, report it here to the SJC EMA.

Homeless Winter Amnesty Resources

Click here for more information.

Smart Street Roundabouts

The new Smart Streets roundabouts help create a balanced transportation network by shifting traffic to adjacent streets. Click here for facts on the modern Roundabout.

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Political Subdivision Dashboard

The Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”), in partnership with the Indiana Business Research Center (“IBRC”), pursuant to IC 5-14-3.9, has recently released an online dashboard for political subdivisions.  Local government taxing units in Indiana submit their property tax and financial data to the State of Indiana each year through the Department of Local Government and the State Board of Accounts. This data is entered through web applications and winds up in databases specific to each application.  The following link will allow access to a dashboard that was built to provide a straightforward view of key metrics that have been collected and are of interest to all of us – tax rates, income, spending, employment and school corporation metrics.  The URL for the Gateway online dashboard is