Large Item, Miscellaneous or Yard Waste Extra Pickup

Large Item, Miscellaneous, or Yard Waste Extra Pickup Guidelines

  • Complete the form below or call 311 or 574-233-0311 to schedule your pickup. Must be within City limits and pay for City Trash Services. Web forms must be filled out by 2pm the business day before scheduled trash pick-up day. Anything submitted after 2pm will be scheduled for the following week. (Please note that the Solid Waste Office Staff processes these forms. You will receive a confirmation email when your extra is scheduled. Please do NOT schedule an extra pick-up via web form AND call 311 to schedule the same extra.) 

  • Large items and yard waste must be out by 6:00 a.m. at the front of the address. 
  • One single appliance or one piece of furniture will be picked up at no charge. Additional items will be charged $20.00 per cubic yard.*
  • Items for pickup must be placed in front, at the curb, in an open area, unobstructed by trees, power lines, cars, containers, or mailboxes, and not leaning against buildings, fences, or trees.
  • If the extra pickup was out and there was a reason why the driver could not pick it up, the extra will be picked up the following service day whenever possible.
  • Items we cannot accept: paint, oil, solvents, sod, soil, rocks, tires, or items with human bodily fluids. 
  • Yard waste cannot be dirt, sod, logs, or rocks.
  • All yard waste must be cut down to less than 4 feet in length, less than four inches in diameter, and bundled tightly with twine. All leaves set out in bags must be put in the brown, biodegradable paper leaf bags. 

* A cubic yard is approximately the size of a kitchen stove.


**Special Note** Verified flood damage will be picked at no charge. If your items are not flood damage, you will be charged accordingly. 

If you are disposing of flood damage and have not contacted the Emergency Management Agency, please fill out this form! 

Please remember that only one large item pickup (appliance or furniture) is free each calendar month.

There may be a fee for additional items collected.

Customer service will contact you to confirm pick up details.