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The Common Council meets on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month. To place an item on the Council's agenda, it must be filed in the Office of the City Clerk, Room 455, County-City Building by 12 Noon on the Wednesday prior to the 2nd and 4th Monday.

The Council is authorized by Indiana state law to act on two (2) types of legislation, namely: resolutions & ordinances.

  • Resolutions are limited to matters relating to internal affairs or operations & are heard at one Council meeting.
  • Ordinances address all matters which are of a general and permanent nature. Ordinances address topics in the South Bend Municipal Code; establish fees & charges; regulate conduct; establish penalties; and are required for the passage of budgets, the setting of salaries, and zoning changes.

For all groups and presenters who wish to be recognized at the Common Council Meetings please check in with the City Clerk's Office beforehand. 

Council Mission Statement: To make certain that our City Government is always responsive to the needs of our residents & that the betterment of South Bend is always our highest priority