West Side Main Streets

Lincolnway West and Western Avenue

The City of South Bend has begun implementation of the recently completed West Side Main Streets Plan.

The West Side Main Streets Plan, adopted by the Area Plan Commission and Common Council in late 2014, is a market-based strategic revitalization plan for Lincolnway West and Western Avenue.  The plan serves as a guide to business and property owners, residents, developers, the City, and others in making investment, land use, and design decisions along these two corridors.



In partnership with the City of South Bend, the Urban Enterprise Association is offering a West Side Main Streets Matching Grant Program that provides up to a 50% reimbursement for qualifying exterior improvements to commercial, mixed use, and industrial buildings located on Lincolnway West and Western Avenue.  Detailed information may be found below:


The West Side Main Streets Plan, which includes a land use plan, streetscape plan, and implementation plan, may be found below:

The basis for the Plan was developed at a charrette workshop held April 23-26, 2014.  The project consultant engaged residents, businesses, institutions, the City, and other technical experts to generate conceptual ideas for the corridors’ land use and urban design and to identify priority implementation areas and activities.  Copies of the presentations made at the public meetings follow:

Market studies that provide data on current and projected supply and demand for residential, commercial, and industrial uses have been completed.  These studies helped inform the proper types, density, and location of uses in the final plan.