Vets' Community Connections Form


Vets’ Community Connections (VCC) provides individuals and businesses who want to do more than say “thanks for your service,” the channel to use their own professional experience and expertise to respond to veteran and military family relocation and reintegration questions in a wide variety of fields: education, health, business, recreation, arts, community service and a host of other areas which collectively make up the community in which we live.  The two main reasons we’d like folks to sign up are:

  • As a business owner or individual offering advice/answer questions in your area of expertise
  • As a business offering a discount to a veteran, active duty, or spouse

Once signed up, your role as a community member is to answer a call or an email from a veteran/active duty/spouse when a match in your expertise comes in through the VCC program built through 311 in South Bend.

The sign-up form can be found here.