Water Works

A new water main is being installed near me in the county, can I get water from the new main?

Yes.  Water Works will first verify the water main installation and location. Then, the homeowner must hire a plumber to run plumbing from the home to the new tap.  There is a connection assessment and tap fee that is charged once completed.  Along with the fee, the home owner must sign a waiver of annexation.  These fees may vary.  

If you have questions or would like to hook into a new main, please contact the Engineering Department of Water Works at 574.235.9279.

Would it be safer if I bought a water filter or bottled water for my home?

A home filter or bottled water may not be necessary since the South Bend Water Works has already filtered and treated the water.  As a municipal drinking water supplier, we are heavily regulated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Environmental Protection Agency.  We are in complete compliance with the strict standards of the Safe Drinking Water Act. 


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