The South Bend public is invited to a half-day summit to explore synergies in the areas of equitable community and economic development from 8:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on January 16, 2018. The summit will comprise of two presentations and 90 minutes of focus group discussion. 

The summit follows the report Looking for Progress on economic challenges facing older, legacy cities released by the Fed-Philanthropy Initiative (FPI), a collaboration of community foundations and some of the Federal Reserve banks that are involved with The Funders Network. Informed by study tours to four legacy cities (Chattanooga, TN; Rochester, NY; Cedar Rapids, IA; Grand Rapids, MI), the report concluded that place-based funders have an important role to play in intentionally ensuring that the benefits of economic growth (job creation) are available to and distributed to all residents of a community. 

The next step in this effort is to share the findings of the paper with economic and community leaders striving to address issues of inclusive and equitable growth. In addition, the Federal Reserve is convening focus groups of residents, service providers, and city officials to inform the next phase of research for the Fed-Philanthropy Initiative (FPI). Responses and shared insights will be reported out to the larger group and will inform future initiatives, convenings, and interventions from the Federal Reserve. As South Bend continues to revitalize, ensuring that all city residents have access to opportunity remains a priority of the city administration. This convening will also inform city-based equitable development strategies.

The City’s new division of Engagement & Economic Empowerment is hosting the community event and encourages leaders from neighborhood organizations, non-profit agencies, educational institutions, foundations and grant-making organizations, financial institutions, and government agencies to attend. There is no cost for the summit but registration is required.  Please contact Alkeyna M. Aldridge at for summit registration details. Space is limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis.