Today the City of South Bend received a letter from the Federal Railroad Administration reinstating quiet zones at railroad crossings in South Bend. The FRA expects that all railroads that operate through the quiet zone to comply with the revised Notice and cease routine sounding of the locomotive horn at specified public grade crossings no later than 21 days from today’s date. The City has reached out to Norfolk Southern and Canadian National/Grand Trunk Western Railroad asking that they honor the reinstatement of the FRA designated Quiet Zone and cease their rail horns immediately.

“Today’s notification comes as a major relief for residents who have been dealing with this major quality of life issue since the train horns began sounding,” said Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “The City is asking that the railroad companies update their practices as quickly as possible, and will continue to investigate ways to extend quiet zones to more areas of the community in the future.”

The quiet zone will affect the following crossings:

Greenlawn Ave.

Ironwood Dr.

26th St.

30th St.

35th St.

Logan St.

Robinson St.

Caroline St.

Twyckenham Dr.

Vernon St.

Leer St.