Contact: Mark Bode, 574-235-5853


Code Enforcement would like to remind those residents who have transitioned to curbside trash collection to remove their trash receptacle from the curb after pickup is complete.

Per city ordinance, containers should not be placed on the front yard or tree lawn area before 12:00 p.m. on the day prior to collection, and must be removed from the front yard or tree lawn area on the day of collection to avoid the possibility of a ticket being issued. Trash will not be picked up if the container is blocked by a car or other obstruction.

If you have a question about when your address will transition to curbside pickup, visit: or call 311. Those who require assisted pick-up should call 311.

The changes to trash pickup will occur in the following areas at the specified times:

• December 2016 — East Angela Boulevard to East Jefferson Boulevard, North Michigan Street to North Eddy Street

• January 2017 — Orange Street to West Sample Street, Dundee Street to South Walnut Street.

• February — East Calvert Street to East Fairview Avenue, Fellows Street to South Twyckenham Drive.

• March — West Hamilton Street to Lincoln Way West, Bendix Drive to Wilber Street.

• April — Edison Road to East Jefferson Boulevard, North Eddy Street to North Twyckenham Drive

• May — West Colfax Avenue to Prairie Avenue, South Olive Street to Chapin Street.

• June — East Ewing Avenue to East Donmoyer Avenue, South Michigan Street to Miami Road.

• July — The railroad tracks south of Jefferson Boulevard to Mishawaka Avenue, South Ironwood Drive to South 35th Street.

• August — Lincoln Way West to East Ewing Avenue, Miami Road to South Ironwood Drive.

• September — West Washington Street to West Ewing Avenue, Prairie Avenue to South Michigan Street.

• October — Riverside Drive and West Angela Boulevard to California Avenue and West North Shore Drive, Portage Avenue to North Michigan Street.

• November — Mishawaka Avenue to Northside Boulevard, South Twyckenham Drive to South Logan Street.

• December 2017 — East Monroe Street and Lincoln Way East to East Ewing Avenue, South Michigan Street to Miami Road.

• January 2018 — Lincoln Way West and Ardmore Trail to Orange Street, North Sheridan Street to LaPorte Avenue.

• February 2018 — Riverside Drive to West Washington Street, LaPorte Avenue to Riverside Drive.

• March 2018 — Elwood Avenue to Lincoln Way West, North Elmer Street to Cottage Grove Avenue.