Matt Cruz

April 14, 2017


The City of South Bend’s Department of Public Works announced today that the 2017 paving season will begin in May upon the opening of local asphalt plants. The current City budget includes funding for approximately 15 lane miles of repaving.

The Streets Division staff working in conjunction with the City Engineers’ office performs an annual assessment of the street surface conditions throughout the city using the industry accepted PASER rating system. In this system a rating of 1 indicates a failed road and 10 indicates excellent condition. Based on this rating, Streets Division staff have identified 15 lane miles of street that are in the worst condition in the city and will be part of the 2017 paving program.

Each street will take approximately 3-5 days to complete. Streets must be milled and prepped prior to paving and will be closed during working operations (6AM – 6PM). Signage will be posted prior to the start of work so residents and businesses are aware of the upcoming work.

In addition to the 15 lane miles paved by Street crews, the City has also received a $1,000,000 Community Crossings Matching Grant by the Indiana Department of Transportation to be used towards road projects. The City has identified portions of Ironwood and Edison as candidates for repaving which will be bid out to private contractors. This will allow for an additional 9.2 lane miles of paving in 2017. Work on Edison (between Duey and Hickory) is expected to begin in the summer and be completed prior to the first ND home football game while work on Ironwood (between Mishawaka Ave. and McKinley) is expected to occur in the fall.

Finally, as the downtown Smart Streets project comes to a close, additional downtown streets in deteriorating condition are also expected to be repaved.

The 15 lane miles of repaving work being done by City crews is expected to begin on May 1st on Marietta Street between Broadway and Indiana Ave. The rest of the City’s paving list includes the following streets in 2017:

Marietta St Broadway St Indiana Ave
Marine St L. W. E. S. to Dead end
Pershing St. Johnson St. Olive St.
Rose St. Sherman Ave. Kessler Blvd.
Kaley St. Ford St. Western Ave.
Taylor St. Calvert St. Ewing Ave.
Tonti St Lafayette Blvd. Iroquois St.
Iroquois St Northshore Blvd. Angela Blvd.
Abshire Dr Berkshire Cambridge Dr
Hampshire Dr Harrow Dr Gotham Dr
Esther St Jefferson Blvd Colfax Ave
Goodland Ave. Bendix Dr. Westmoor St.
Ford St. Kentucky St. Falcon St.
Greenlawn Ave Wall St R/R Tracks
Kennedy Dr Byron Dr Galway
Donmoyer Ave Fellows St Michigan St
Walnut St. Prairie Ave. Ewing Ave.
Washington St. Williams St. Chapin St.
Hepler St Hickory Rd Crestwood Blvd
Mayflower Rd. Sample St. Belleville Dr.
Ewing Ave. Webster St. Gertrude St.
Portage Ave Sherman Ave. Angela Blvd.
Bulla St. College St. Johnson St.
Marquette Blvd. Olive St. Huey St.
Hickory Rd Hepler Rd Edison Ave
Logan St. Northside Blvd. Mishawaka Ave.
Logan St. Mishawaka Ave. North to RR Tracks