Yesterday the City of South Bend submitted testimony to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission expressing the City’s concern about the impacts of Indiana & Michigan Power’s proposed rate increase on middle and low-income South Bend residents. 

The City of South Bend voiced specific concerns about the steep, uneven rate hike, which would raise the fixed cost of energy for most rate-payers. Additionally, the City called on I&M to invest in clean energy and renewable technologies 

Mayor Pete Buttigieg commented today on the issue. “Our focus is twofold: affordability issues and climate concerns,” said Buttigieg. “Many residents would be strained by the proposed rate increases, and South Bend industries that depend on affordable power will find it more difficult to compete if rates are too high. We also consider it increasingly urgent to see better investment in cleaner and renewable sources of energy. We need utilities to step up, especially at a time when the community is already beginning to feel the effects of climate change.”