In response to concerns about late-falling leaves, the City of South Bend would like to remind residents that yard waste extra pickups are available throughout the year. Each household may receive one free cubic yard of yard waste (10 30-gallon paper bags) picked up monthly. To schedule an extra pickup, residents can call 311 or fill out the web form more than 24 hours before the requested day of service. Residents must specify the items to be collected, the date requested, and a working phone number.

Extra pickups must be out at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the day of service. It may not be out front for more than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up. Items must be out front, in an open area, unobstructed by cars, trees, powerlines, fences, poles, buildings, or trash containers. No personal containers or any type of plastic will be picked up. Items must be bagged yard waste or bundled branches. Branches must be cut to four feet in length, and must be no more than four inches in diameter, and be bundled with twine into manageable sizes. Up to 10 30-gallon paper bags of yard waste will be picked for free. Any additional cubic yards will be charged at $10.00 each. Up to $100.00 of waste will be picked up without advising the customer.

Residents may call 311 with any questions.