The South Bend Streets Office would like to remind residents that the 2017 ReLeaf program will begin Monday, October 23, and run until Thursday, November 16.

The City is divided into four quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

Collection crews will visit each area twice. New for this year, crews will start in the Northeast and Southwest quadrants concurrently and move in a clockwise direction.

The Streets Office would like to remind residents of the following:

This schedule is established for loose leaf pick up only.

Please rake leaves to the curb line (within the tree lawn) but avoid raking them into the street, as this will plug the street drains causing them to flood during rain.

Avoid parking on top or in front of leaf piles along curb lines, as this hampers crews from collecting the leaves.

Do not contaminate leaf piles by putting in sticks, trash, and other debris. We will not pick these piles up and it will be the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of contaminated piles. (We will not come back to these piles.)

Burning of leaves is prohibited and in violation of City ordinance.

Residents may call 311 with any questions.