The City of South Bend has sent a letter to the Federal Railroad Administration requesting a formal investigation into train horn violations after the Quiet Zone was reestablished on October 9. The letter reports violations at several of the 11 crossings within the Quiet Zone.

“While the situation has improved dramatically, I am concerned by some reports of continued sounding of train horns in Quiet Zones since October 9,” said Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “The railroads have had ample time to get into compliance, and the City expects that there will be no unnecessary sounding of horns. We will continue to work proactively with the FRA on enforcement around any documented violations. Neighborhood crossings can be both safe and quiet, but only if the railroads do their part. Meanwhile, we are actively exploring the extension of Quiet Zones to other parts of the city."

The City is continuing to monitor horns and pass along violations to the FRA. Residents can also report to the FRA by filling out the form at or by emailing