Large Item, Miscellaneous or Extra Trash Pickup

Large Item, Miscellaneous or Extra Pickup Guidelines

  • Complete the form below or call 311 or 574-233-0311 to schedule your pickup.
  • Large items must be out by 6:00 a.m.
  • One single appliance or one piece of furniture will be picked up at no charge. Additional items will be charged $20.00 per cubic yard.*
  • Items for pickup must be placed in front, at the curb, in an open area, unobstructed by trees, power lines, and not leaning against buildings or fences.
  • If the extra pickup was out and there was a reason why the driver could not pick it up, the extra will be picked up the following service day whenever possible.

* A cubic yard is approximately the size of a kitchen stove.

Please remember that only one large item pickup (appliance or furniture) is free each calendar month.

There may be a fee for additional items collected.

Customer service will contact you to confirm pick up details.