Yard Waste Pick-Up & Containers

Weekly yard waste collection will begin April 1st and continue through November 30th

Pick up during this season is automatic on your trash day if you are utilizing a city-issued yard waste container.

  • Yard waste must be the city issued yard waste container for weekly pickup. 
  • Plastic bags are no longer allowed as of January 1, 2014. Personal containers are no longer allowed as of January 1, 2016.
  • Paper bags or bundles of branches can be picked up by scheduling a pickup. Residents are allowed ten yard waste bags at one time per month. One free cubic yard of branches per month can also be scheduled for removal in place of paper bags. 
  • You must call 311 or 574-233-0311 to make arrangements for disposal of paper bags or branches.
  • Paper bags of yard waste and branches are only allowed with a scheduled pickup. 
  • Bundled branches must be no more than 4 ft. in length and bundled at a diameter no greater than 4 inches at the curb. 
  • No yard waste will be picked up in the alley.
  • Trash container must be facing the correct way in order to be picked. The handles must face towards the home, and the opening of the container must face the street.
  • Please separate regular trash from yard waste by several feet if you have trash service at the curb. 

Yard Waste Containers

  • The minimum charge for renting the yard waste container is $16.00 annually and billed $2.00 monthly from April - November.
  • You must call 311 or 574-233-0311 to order a yard waste container. A container can also be ordered online here.
  • Residents are asked to store yard waste containers from December-March, though there is no rental fee during these months.
  • Yard waste containers can take any organic material excluding soil, sod or rocks.