The Department of Community Investment is organized into five teams that work collaboratively with each other to assist the citizens and businesses of South Bend with a variety of tasks. The four teams are:

Business Development

The Business Development team is here to connect you to resources and programs when you are ready to locate or expand your business in South Bend. The team focuses city-wide while providing specialized opportunities in the downtown and various other development areas. Small or large, start-up or established, make the City of South Bend Business Development Team your first call.


The Planning Team engages the public and convenes groups with diverse opinions to develop and implement strategies for neighborhoods, commercial areas, and underutilized land in the city. The team creates short and long term plans and policies that promote distinct character and a sense of place for the community. The team also conducts research and analysis of local, regional and national planning issues and advises other City departments and partner agencies on land use and zoning topics.

Neighborhood Engagement

The Neighborhood Engagement Team provides revitalization services that assist to promote and stabilize the City’s neighborhoods.  Through the investment of federal grants, management of housing programs and partnerships with neighborhood and community organizations, assistance is available to low and moderate income individuals, as well as residents new to the community.

Economic Resources

The Economic Resources Team is responsible for the analysis, budgeting, and usage of certain Department of Community Investment funding sources, including the Industrial Revolving Loan Fund, Industrial Revenue Bonds, Tax Abatements, and Tax Incremental Financing.  Additionally, the team is responsible for the management of Redevelopment Commission owned property.

Administration and Finance

The Administration and Finance team provides the administrative and accounting support necessary to keep the department running smoothly.  From the accounting work for approximately 30 City funds and ensuring proper usage of various federal and state grants to ordering supplies; taking minutes and preparing payroll, this team strives to efficiently help our citizens, funders and staff members as they conduct business within the department.

Department of Community Investment
227 West Jefferson Blvd. • Suite 1400 S
South Bend, Indiana 46601