Division of Streets & Sewers

The Division of Streets & Sewers is comprised of the following offices:

  • Office of Streets provides the following services:
    • Removes snow on all public streets within the City
    • Removes dead animals
    • Street sweeping, maintenance
    • Reconstruction and resurfacing of streets (slurry seal, paving, crack filling, pot hole repair)
    • Alley grading
    • Fall Operation ReLeaf leaf pick up program
  • Office of Sewers provides the following services:
    • Sewer maintenance: preventative program that cleans and inspects the 525 miles of storm and sanitary sewer system in the City and Clay Township.
    • Sewer Construction Program:
      • sewer main repairs
      • catch basin repairs
      • manhole repairs, structure raising for the Street Department paving program
    • Sewer Insurance Program
    • View the Catch Basins Inlet Map
  • Office of Traffic & Lighting provides the following services:
    • Maintains, operates and installs traffic signals, pavement markings, and signs for traffic control and public information. 
    • Coordinates traffic control for parades, races, block parties, and other special events using streets and public facilities
    • Maintains and operates a portion of the street light system.


Important Phone Numbers
  • Report a traffic signal outage: 574.235.9201 (non-emergency Police line)
  • Report a missing or damaged sign: 574.235.9925 OR 574.235.9244
  • Report a street light outage: 574.235.5938 OR
    • Visit the Customer Request Tracking System
    • Please be patient with your outage. All locations remain on the repair list until they are fixed.
  • Request a new street light: 574.235.9251