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The City of South Bend is leading the way forward in terms of sustainability and innovation. We have featured these tours to highlight, support, and showcase locations, parks, and businesses that feature green infrastructure. They feature LEED certified buildings, community gardens, native species wildflower lots, rain gardens, and sustainable practices that currently exist throughout the city. These sites provide many economic, social, and environmental benefits for the entire city and the Earth.
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*All tour formats are mobile friendly and allow users to "locate" in relation to each stop*

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Green Infrastructure
thumb_native Wildflower Planting Fellow and Bowman.jpg  Wildflower Tour (print)
thumb_Brownfield park Man made creek, swale and np.jpg  Rain Garden Driving Tour (print)

Sustainable Downtown
thumb_Howard park.jpg  East Bank Walking Tour (print)
thumb_East Race.jpg  Downtown Walking/Biking Tour (print)
thumb_IUSB Campus Community Garden.jpg  Local Food Driving Tour

Sustainable Neighborhoods 

thumb_East Bank Trail.jpg  Northwest Biking Tour (print)
Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem.jpg     Southeast Biking Tour (print)
thumb_Transpo.jpg  Southwest Biking Tour (print)
thumb_Potawatomi Conservatories.jpg  River Park Walking Tour (print)
thumb_Native Planting Rain Garden Carlisle and Ford.jpg  West Side Driving Tour (print)

Sustainable Notre Dame 
thumb_St.Mary's Campus.jpg  Bicycling Tour (print)
thumb_ND Morris inn.jpg  Walking Tour (print)

Master Map
thumb_master map image.pngSustainable South Bend: See it all!
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*Sustainable South Bend tours were designed in collaboration with I.U. South Bend students and the South Bend Office of Sustainability.

**Have a site to add to a tour? Contact us at sustainability @