Staff - Community Investment

Main Line 574.235.9371
Executive Director
James Mueller

Executive Director

Mary Brazinsky Executive Assistant and Director of Special Projects 574.235.9337  
Business Development
Daniel J. Buckenmeyer Director, Business Development 574.235.5823  
Austin Gammage Business Development Manager 574.235.5842  
Jacob Alexander Business Development Specialist 574.235.9278  
Michelle Adams Business License Administrator 574.235.5912  
Angelina Billo Business Development Manager 574-235-5838  
Planning & Community Resources
Tim Corcoran Director Planning & Community Resources 574.235.7692  
Chris Dressel Senior Planner 574.235.5847  
Michael Divita Principal Planner 574.235.5843  
Elizabeth Maradik Principal Planner 574.235.5821  
David Relos Property Development Manager 574-235-5836  
Andrew Netter Property Development Analyst 574-235-5931  
Elicia Feasel Historic Preservation Administrator 574-235-7672  
Adam Toering Historic Preservation Specialist 574-235-7478  
Neighborhood Development
Pamela Meyer Director, Neighborhood Development 574.235.5845  
Jeff Young Property Inspector 574.235.5876  
Hedy Robinson Housing Counselor 574.235.9449  
Lory Timmer Neighborhood Grants Manager 574.235.5841  
Nancy Schrager Administrative Assistant 574.235.5848  

Kandee Block-Tinkel

Neighborhood Program Specialist 574.235.5880  
Engagement & Economic Empowerment
Alkeyna Aldridge Director, Engagement & Economic Empowerment 574-235-5896  
Sonja Karnovsky Economic Empowerment Specialist 574-235-9098  
April Dan Feng Project Manager, Engagement & Economic Empowerment 574-235-5879