South Bend Certified Realtors

The South Bend Certified Realtor Program was an initiative of the City, offered for a period of time, to help real-estate agents provide more in depth information to potential buyers.  The South Bend Certified realtors Program educated Realtors about South Bend’s neighborhoods, economy, schools, culture and history.  Having this type of information at their disposal provides the Certified Realtor the opportunity to do a better job of selling homes in our neighborhoods and assisting their buyers in making better decisions when purchasing a new home.

The initiative was to promote the neighborhoods of South Bend to residents, newcomers, the business community, universities, Realtors and builders as it:

  • Provided a forum for information about South Bend assets
  • Provided information on housing options in South Bend’s lovely neighborhoods
  • Provided a list of South Bend Certified Realtors to assist new and existing employees with their housing needs

The following Realtors are graduates of the  South Bend Certified Realtor Program:

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