South Bend Black History Month

Black History Month is a month set aside to recognize, honor, and celebrate the achievements of African American men and women throughout history. As part of the City of South Bend’s celebration of Black History Month, we are asking members of the community to nominate African Americans who have made an impact, both past and present, in South Bend. Each February, the contributions and accomplishments of those honorees will be celebrated on billboards throughout South Bend.  Nomination packets will be received at any time during the year.

Black History Month Nomination Form

Congratulations to the following 2015 Black History Month Honorees:

  • Charles Black
  • Bernice Eugenia Braboy
  • Roland W. Chamblee Sr.
  • Josephine H. Curtis
  • Dave S. Davis
  • Jesse L. Dickinson
  • Billy Kirk
  • Joseph B. Luten
  • Charles E. Martin Sr.
  • Ida Mitcham
  • Algie Oldham
  • Jerome Perkins
  • Renelda M. Robinson
  • Timothy Rouse
  • Alonzo Watson
  • Bernard White

Congratulations to the following 2016 Black History Month Honorees:

  • Darryl Boykins
  • John Charles Bryant
  • Richmond Calvin
  • Virginia Calvin
  • Lynn Coleman
  • Bernice Freeman
  • Verge "Brother Sage" Gillam
  • May Lee Johnson
  • Robert Benjamin Johnson
  • George McCullough
  • Gladys Muhammad
  • Charlotte Pfeifer-Gillam
  • Jack Reed
  • Debra Stanley
  • Luther Taylor
  • Lester Townsend
  • Jake Webster
  • Clara White
  • Karen White
  • Bobbie Woods

Congratulations to the following 2017 Black History Month Honorees:

  • Cheryl Ashe
  • Al Carothers
  • Shalon Christine Davis
  • Lonnie Douglas
  • James Harris
  • Linda Johnson
  • Dawn Jones
  • Bishop Eddie L. Miller
  • Melvin Reed
  • Hedy Robinson
  • Cynthia Taylor

Trailblazer Award Recipients:

  • Robert Batteast
  • Aaron Lowery
  • Charles Stafford

Obama Award Recipient:

  • Kintae Lark