SBXG: A Platform for Advanced Wireless Research


The City of South Bend (CoSB) and the Notre Dame Wireless Institute (NDWI) are working towards a city-scale testbed platform for cutting edge wireless research. This testbed is called ‘SBXG - Platform for Advanced Wireless Research’ and will establish South Bend and the Wireless Institute as a global leader for wireless technology research and development. Further, SBXG will drive workforce and economic development, help evolve the city’s wireless capabilities and infrastructure and attract research funding and wireless jobs to the city.

SBXG will continue a legacy of successful collaborations between the University of Notre Dame and the City of South Bend. They have been pursuing joint research and economic development projects through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) for 15 years. This has led to technology transfer from Notre Dame into successful startups based in South Bend, including startup incubators Innovation Park at Notre Dame and Ignition Park in South Bend. Notre Dame and South Bend are also part of the MetroLab Network, which is a group of more than 35 city-university partnerships focused on bringing data, analytics, and innovation to city governments.

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