Right of Way Permit Office

Right of Way Permit Office

Walk-in hours:  9a to 3p


Email:   dhanson@southbendin.gov

The Permit Office issues permits for work or occupancy in the Right of Way of the City of South Bend.

No contractor or subcontractor shall perform any work affecting the Right-of-Way, any City-owned utility system, or any other work or occupancy in the City Right-of-Way, whether or not the work is performed for the City, without first obtaining a BOND with Public Works for Occupancy, Excavation or Sidewalk/Street construction from the Department of Public Works before commencing any such work.  Contact the Permit Office for the appropriate Bond Form.

Municipal Code – Chapter 18, Article 7

Any use, restriction or excavation of the City Right-of-Way, such as streets, alleys and sidewalk areas, requires a permit by the bonded contractor.  Permits are required prior to excavations, construction or occupancy that exceeds typical use in the Right-of-Way.  Traffic control is required for any work that restricts, redirects or impedes travel in the Right-of-Way.  Refer to MUTCD for Traffic Control guidelines and map examples to submit with your occupancy requests.

Use the following forms for your work in the Right-of-Way:

Traffic Control and Occupancy Request

Excavation Request

New Construction and System Development Charges

For any new construction connecting to City of South Bend Municipal Water and Sewer Works, System Development Charges will be collected at the time when application for service is filed.  The Utility Verification Form shall be completed and signed by the owner of the property.  Call the Permit Office for further information.

Please refer to the Code of Ordinances for a full explanation of SDCs:

Explanation of System Development Charges in City of South Bend   


Schedule of Permit Fees:

Permitting and Engineering Reviews


Forms Available:

Trucking and Oversized Loads

Traffic Control and Occupancy Request

Excavation Request

Project Approval Form  (for work in the ROW)

Curb Cut Application

Utility Verification Form (for new connection to City utilities)