Responsibilities of the City Clerk

The City Clerk is the Clerk of the South Bend Common Council.  The Clerk is elected by the voters of the entire City.  The City Clerk's official functions are set forth in Chapter Thirty-Six (36) of the Indiana Code. 

The City Clerk, and as many staff members as he or she determines necessary, provides City Council staff support, attends all regular and special meetings of the Council; and is required to keep an accurate journal of all such proceedings.  

In addition to it's overall mission of maintaining the official records of the City, the Office of the City Clerk also performs the following:

  • Required to maintain the City Seal and administer City oaths. 
  • Maintains custody, controls filings and storage of all legislation papers, minutes and other written and recorded documents pertaining to the operation of City government. 
  • Oversees the entire legislative process, from the introduction to final approval and publication. 
  • Prepares agendas and legal notices for all Council meetings. 
  • Document compliance of Tax Abatements, CF1s, Annexations, Alley Vacations, and City required reporting per the Municipal Code 
  • Schedules official City Council meetings and public hearings.
  • Acts as a liaison with City Department Heads, Outside agencies, Other branches of government, and the general public on behalf of the City Council and works closely with the Council to supply combined constituent services.  
  • Responsible for the publication, updating and distribution of the South Bend Code of Ordinances . 
  • Works in cooperation with the Office of the Mayor for live broadcasting through WNIT of City Council meetings. 
  • Processing of City Boards and Commissions. 
  • Responsible for all functions of the City Ordinance Violations Bureau. 
  • Issuance of Conditional Use Lawn Parking Permits (ND Lawn Parking) and Scrap Metal Licenses. 
  • Administers City of South Bend Amnesty Program. 
  • Has available upon request for public reference and distribution the following documents: Copies of all transcripts, legislation, certificates, meeting notices, Council minutes, and any other matters of public information.
  • Marriage Officiant, Notary 

For all groups and presenters who wish to be recognized at the Common Council Meetings please check in with the City Clerk's Office beforehand.

For all Council documents please click here.

Please click here for the Common Council Standard Operating Procedures. 

The City Clerk's Office does not record or store the following:

  • Birth Records and Death Records: For information regarding how to obtain these records, contact the St. Joseph County Health Department, Vital Records at 574.235.9750
  • Marriage Records and Court Records: For information regarding how to obtain these records, contact the St. Joseph County Clerk's Office at 574.235.9635