Parking Tickets & Ordinance Violations

What is this service?

Parking Tickets  & Ordinance Violations Online enables you to pay parking fines & ordinance violation fees from your computer, making the payment process convenient.

What are some of the features?

  • Search criteria:
    • Parking Tickets: Search for tickets using either the citation number (ticket number) or the vehicle license plate number (tag) and state.
    • Ordinance Violations: Search by ticket number.
  • Multiple ticket view:
    • View all parking tickets tickets associated with a specific vehicle using the license plate number (tag) and state.
    • Not available for Ordinance Violations.  Each ticket must be viewed separately.
  • Ticket payment:
    • Parking Tickets: Pay for one or all tickets associated with a specific vehicle. Payments can be made through secure Internet credit card payment services.
    • Ordinance Violations: Must be paid individually.

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