Landlord Registration

Landlord Registration

Please note, properties registered between September 1st and September 30th of each year will register the property for the NEXT year.  For example, if you register a property on September 15, 2017 that registration will be for the year 2018.  

Anyone who owns rental property in the City of South Bend, which they do not personally occupy, must register their properties with Code Enforcement. The fee for registration is $5.00 annually. For your convenience, you can register online, or print the completed application and mail it to Code Enforcement. Be sure to include the registration fee. If you choose to mail the application, there is a strict limit of 4 properties per owner that can be registered. If you have more than 4 properties you will need to complete the process online.

Landlord Registration Brochure

Landlord Registration FAQs 

Register Online

Landlord Registration Form  (limit of 4 properties per owner)


Tenant Resources

For general information about the landlord-tenant relationship, please view this brochure.   

If you think you may be a victim of housing discrimination, please follow this link to South Bend Human Rights Commission.