Invoice Dispute


How do I dispute an Invoice?

  • If you feel that you have received an invoice in error, please fill out an Invoice Dispute Form.

Please read the following before filling out the invoice dispute form:

  1. This form may not be used to dispute a delinquent invoice that is subject to a pending collection action.  If you have received notification of a collection action, please follow the instructions contained on the collection notice.
  2. This form may not be substituted for any action required under I.C. 36-7-9-7 or I.C.36-7-9-8 of the Unsafe Building Law.
  3. This form must be submitted within ten (10) days of the date on the document being appealed.  After the appeal is considered, you will receive a determination in the mail containing additional information and instructions.


  • To dispute an invoice you need to fill the form out in its entirety.  Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.
  • Include copies of any pictures you may have. 
  • If you are disputing an invoice based on incorrect ownership information, please include a copy of the recorded/notarized deed showing a transfer of ownership.
  • If you are disputing an invoice based on incorrect address, please provide copies of pictures showing your property line vs. where the citation occurred.
  • If you personally paid someone to remove these items, please provide a copy of the receipt.
  • If you had a special pick-up scheduled, please indicate that on the form.  We will verify the special pick-up with the Department of Solid Waste.  

Note: Special pick-up items cannot be placed out for pick-up more than 24 hours before the scheduled special pick-up.


Submitting Forms:

If you choose to print the form(s), please fill out completely and send to:

                            E-mail Address:

                            Fax Number: 574-235-7703

                            Mailing/Hand Delivery Address:

                                       Department of Code Enforcement
                                       Attn: Invoice Dispute
                                      1300 County-City Building

                                      227 W. Jefferson Blvd

                                      South Bend, IN 46601-1830