Internships and Externships - Legal

Pro Bono or Volunteer Opportunities

Law students interested in government, public policy, or public service will benefit from a Legal Department internship or externship.  The work environment is friendly and inclusive.  A minimum of one full year of accredited law school education is required.

  • About Pro Bono or Volunteer Legal Internships and Externships:
    • The Legal Department works through law schools with pro bono or unpaid externship programs.
    • Volunteer interns are especially welcome during school breaks (winter and spring) and in late summer before school starts
  • How to Apply
    • Please send letter of interest, resume, and law school transcript to:
      • Aladean DeRose, City Attorney
        227 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 1200,  
        South Bend, Indiana 46601,
        or email to: