Housing Discrimination

Any person who has been discriminated against in housing in South Bend may file a complaint with South Bend Human Rights Commission, 319 N. Niles Avenue, Suite 150A, South Bend, IN 46617.

  • A complaint must be filed within 1 year from the date of the occurrence of the alleged discriminatory practice.
  • The Commission's staff will provide assistance in drafting and filing charges.
  • Complaints will be notarized by the Commission staff at no cost to the charging party.
  • In many cases, complaints may be filed under both local and federal law.
  • If an investigation of a complaint indicates probable cause that a violation of the South Bend Human Rights Ordinance (or Title VIII of the 1968 Fair Housing Law) has occurred, the Human Rights Commission or HUD may act to insure full enjoyment of a person's rights as granted by the local ordinance or federal law.