FAQ - Fire Department

How do I get my ambulance bill? Why did I receive this Lifetime Signature, EMS Billing or Ambulance Billing form?

  • You can contact the Fire Department, EMS Billing directly at 574-235-9250 to request your bill or discuss any questions you have about it, such as insurance, charges, or to set up time payments for your balance.  If you have received Lifetime Signature Form, please fill it out completely along with your signature and return to South Bend Fire Department, EMS Billing at 1222 South Michigan Street, South Bend, Indiana 46601.  This form was sent to you because in order to bill your insurance company, your signature for that date of service is required.  If not, you will be billed directly.

How do I get the fire report from the fire at my home or business?

  • First step is to fill out the City’s Access to Public Records Request form (please include address and date of fire along with contact information) and turn in to the City’s Legal Department or Fire Department. After approval, the report will be released. The Fire Department will contact the resident that the report is available along with the cost ($9.00 or $25.00 depending upon the classification) and where they can pick up the report. Payment must be cash or check payable to South Bend Fire Department. The Access to Public Records Form can be found here: http://southbendin.gov/government/content/public-records-request

How do I obtain my ambulance run report?

  • A person may obtain their run report by bringing in their state issued picture identification to the EMS Billing Office located in the South Bend Fire Department, 1222 S Michigan Street within the hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. A signed disclosure form is required by the person who was transported. The legal guardian may obtain a run report for a minor, and a POA may also obtain the report upon providing documentation. There is a cost of $15.00 and cash or check is accepted.

How do I schedule a tour of a firestation?

  • Anyone interested in Fire Department tours should call the South Bend Fire Department Central Office at 235-9255.

    Call 911 for emergencies.


How do I schedule an inspection of my home or business for fire safety?

  • The Fire Department does not inspect residential properties.  They do however, schedule inspections for commercial properties or places of business.  Please contact the Fire Department, Inspection Division at 574-235-9487.