FAQ - Community Investment

How do I find out about family and social services?

Is there a neighborhood organization for my area?

  • While many parts of the City have a neighborhood organization, some do not. To view a complete list of recognized neighborhood organizations in the City, please visit Neighborhood Resources Corporation or call 574-287-0425.

What assistance is available to help my business?

  • South Bend offers tax abatement, loans, and bond financing to qualified projects.  See Economic Resources for more information on these and other resources.

What assistance is available to start a business?

  • The City works closely with the Small Business Development Center, which offers mentoring and training programs and access to resources to help people be successful in starting a business.  Visit the “Starting a Business” page on our website.

What grants are available for my nonprofit’s work?

What is the zoning of my property?

What plans does the City have for my area?

  • Historically, planning activity in the City has occurred in commercial corridors and neighborhoods that are challenged or in need of redevelopment. To see a list of plans and studies that have been produced by the City, please visit the Plans & Studies page or contact the Planning Team for information about current City planning initiatives.