FAQ - Administration & Finance

Are there any restrictions on where I do business?

  • Every business must meet zoning requirements to ensure that the business activity and site are compatible.  It is strongly urged that before signing any lease or rental agreement, that you check with the City’s Building Department at 574-235-9554 to make sure your business activity is appropriate for the zoning, if it requires special parking considerations, requires a special exception use, or requires permits for changes to the building.

Can I assume or transfer a former owner’s business license?

  • No, business licenses are non-transferable.  A new owner must apply and pay for a new business license.

Do I need a new business license if I change my business name or legal entity?

  • Yes, any change of name or legal entity requires a new business license.  It is the responsibility of the business owner to advise the Business License Department at 574-235-5912 of any changes.

Does the City of South Bend offer any internship opportunities?

  • Yes, internships are available in several City departments. Please contact the Human Resources Department at:

    Human Resources
    227 West Jefferson Blvd. • Suite 1200 N
    South Bend, Indiana 46601
    574.235.9216 • Email

How do I file for a D.B.A. (Doing Business As)?

  • The following formal business entities require the filing of organizational documents with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State: Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Nonprofit Corporation, Limited Partnership, and Limited Liability Partnership.

    All filing and reports for formal business entities should be sent to:

    Indiana Secretary of State
    Business Service Division
    302 W. Washington St., RM E018
    Indianapolis, IN 46204


    Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships DO NOT require filing with the Indiana Secretary of State to come into existence.  If the business name does not contain the owner’s name(s), file a Doing Business As, also known as an Assumed Business Name, form with the St. Joseph County Recorder’s office to secure your business name on a county level.  Example: John Doe operates a business as a Sole Proprietor; d.b.a. John’s Plumbing Service.  Registration of a business does not protect the name from being used by another business.

    Less formal entities file with:

    St. Joseph County Recorder
    227 W. Jefferson Blvd., RM 321
    South Bend, IN 46601

How do I find out if a position I applied for has been filled?

  • After the closing date listed on the posting, all applications are sent to the appropriate department for their review.  It could take several weeks for the department to review new applications and set up interviews.

How do I get a house or window boarded up?

  • First, review and complete the form located here.  Then, The City of South Bend will send someone out to check to see if the property is unsecured.  If yes, they will send out a secure order asking that the property owner secures the property.  The owner will then have five (5) days to secure the property.  If left uncompleted, the City of South Bend will send a boarding contractor out to secure the property.

How do I obtain a birth certificate?

How do I obtain a marriage license?

  • Marriage licenses and copies or replacements are issued by the St. Joseph County Clerk.

    Contact the Office of the Clerk for additional information.

    St. Joseph County Clerk
    101 South Main Street, Basement
    South Bend, IN 46601
    Phone: (574) 235-9635
    Fax: (574) 235-9838