District 2: Regina Williams-Preston

2nd District Council Member Regina Williams-Preston

Representing all of the residents in: 130201, 130202, 130203, 130204, 130205, 130206, 130207, 130208, 130209, 130210, 130211


Community Relations Committee


Community Investment Committee

Member of the following Committees:

Residential Neighborhood Committee Personnel & Finance Committee Utilities Committee


Regina Williams-Preston was born and raised on the northwest side of South Bend. She grew up on Olive Street, attended Holy Cross Elementary School and graduated from LaSalle High School. After an undergraduate education at Washington University in St. Louis, she ventured to the Bay Area where she was a trainer in cultural competency and helped to produce two nationally acclaimed documentaries on race in America. She returned to South Bend to put her skills to work in her hometown. She earned a master’s degree from IUSB and spent the last 16 years as a teacher on the west side at Harrison Primary and Navarre Intermediate advocating for families, children, and public education.  She is currently vice-president of the Board of the Community Forum for Economic Justice, At Large Director for NEA South Bend, and serves the community in many organizations including the NAACP, Indiana Black Expo, and the South Bend Council on Educating Black Children. 

Regina’s skills in organizing and advocacy will be an asset to the council to facilitate communication and connection with all people of the City and in particular the people of District 2. Her work on the problem of vacant and abandoned homes has demonstrated her leadership and her ability to accomplish goals and bring about policy reform:

  • Regina raised awareness in the community about resources available to fix up homes; around 2.5 million dollars in federal money comes to South Bend every year with the specific purpose of improving neighborhoods.
  • She was instrumental in forming the Far Northwest Neighborhood Association and helped to establish the 501c3 so residents could access the resources to acquire and rehab homes.
  • She raised the city’s awareness about the problem of tearing down homes with asbestos which lead to a new process for demolition that is cleaner for the environment and safer for all people living on the west side.

Regina is committed to making sure that current residents of District 2 not only remain in the neighborhoods after revitalization but that they participate in and benefit from the economic development coming to the west side. She will work to increase access to education and training so that residents qualify for jobs or are inspired to entrepreneurship.

Educate – Engage - Empower

“Young people must have opportunities and support to help them put down the guns and pick up a job. What’s true for young people is true for everyone - when we increase opportunity, we reduce crime. In order to ensure that we move forward together as a city, I will be intentional about inclusion and increase outreach efforts to traditionally disenfranchised voices in our community. With effective citizen engagement we can evaluate policy decisions to ensure that all people benefit equally.” 

- Regina Williams-Preston

Regina Williams-Preston

838 N Elmer • South Bend, Indiana 46628 

 574.235.5983 Voice Mail


TDD: 574.235.5567