Common Council Standing Committees

Community Investment Committee :  

Oversees the various activities of the Department of Community Investment. This Committee reviews all real & personal tax abatement requests. 

Community Relations Committee :

Oversees the various activities of the Office of Community Affairs and is charged with facilitating partnerships & ongoing communications with other public and private entities operating within the City. 

Council Rules Committee : 

Oversees the regulations governing the overall operation of the Common Council, as well as all matters of public trust. Its duties are set forth in detail in Section 2-10.1 of the South Bend Municipal Code. 

Health and Public Safety Committee: 

Oversees the various activities performed by the Fire and Police Departments, EMS, Department of Code Enforcement, ordinance violations, and related health and public safety matters. 

Information and Technology Committee:  

Oversees the various activities of the City's Division of Information Technologies in the Department of Administration & Finance. 

PARC Committee (Parks, Recreation, Cultural Arts & Entertainment):

Oversees the various activities of the Century Center, Four Winds Field, Morris Performing Arts Center, Studebaker National Museum, South Bend Regional Museum of Art, and the many recreational activities offered by the Venues Parks & Arts Department.

Personnel and Finance Committee:

Oversees the activities performed by the Department of Administration & Finance, and reviews all proposed salaries, budgets, appropriations, and other fiscal matters. 

Public Works and Property Vacation Committee:

Oversees the various activities performed by the Building Department, the Department of Public Works & related public & property vacation issues. 

Residential Neighborhoods Committee:

Oversees the various activities & issues related to neighborhood development & enhancement. 

Utilities Committee:

Oversees the activities of all enterprise entities including but not limited to the Bureau of Waterworks, Bureau of Sewers, and all related matters. 

Zoning and Annexation Committee:

Oversees the activities related to the Board of Zoning Appeals, recommendations from the Area Plan Commission and the Historic Preservation Committee, as well as all related matters addressing annexing and zoning. 

Sub Committee on Minutes:

Reviews the minutes prepared by the Office of the City Clerk of the regular, special, and informal meetings of the Common Council.