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End of Year Report, Team South Bend

South Bend CityVoice

CityVoice is a call-in system for collecting place-based community feedback. It makes giving community feedback quick, easy and accessible and turns that feedback into actionable information. This means using technologies that all residents are comfortable with – telephones – and distilling and directing feedback to appropriate decision makers.

In South Bend, it was used to collect community feedback on vacant and abandoned properties. This feedback is being used to inform the City’s decision making process on pursuing demolition or finding avenues to repair a given property, such as giving properties as side lots to neighboring property owners. Beyond the City, it has helped catalyze conversations between neighbors themselves on this issue of abandoned properties. In addition, the City can now quickly identify concerned neighbors and follow up with actionable information.

Mayor Pete - Leading from a Local Level
At the 2013 Code for America Summit, Mayor Pete Buttigieg explains how South Bend has turned blighted industrial land into a hub for technology firms. Located at the center of six national fiber routes, the City has leveraged that geographic advantage, revitalizing long-dormant infrastructure and partnering with forward-looking organizations like Code for America to create a thriving high-tech corridor that is powering South Bend’s comeback.

Mayor Pete Panel Discussion

Spotlight - City of South Bend