Claims - Legal

How do I file a claim against the City?

If you believe the City of South Bend is responsible for damage to your property or person, a claim must be filed with the City's Legal Department. Your claim will be investigated.  For additional information, please call the Legal Department at 547.235.9241.

  • The City of South Bend is self-insured for liability claims under Indiana law, I.C. 34-13-3-8.
  • File a claim:  According to Indiana law, a notice of claim against the City must describe in a short and plain statement the facts on which the claim is based, including:
  1. Circumstances which brought about loss;
  2. Extent of loss (please provide two (2) written estimates for property damage);
  3. Time and place loss occurred;
  4. Names of all persons involved, if known;
  5. Amount of the damages sought;
  6. Claimant's residence at time of loss and time of filing notice.
  • The notice of claim should be sent to the address on the liability claim form.
  • A claim against the City of South Bend must be received by the City within 180 days of the date of the incident.
  • Submission of a claim does not mean that the City necessarily will pay the claim.
  • The information listed above must be provided before the City may begin to process your claim.

Download Liability Claim Form with instructions