Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle is considered abandoned if it meets the following description:   

  • On private property and over 3 years old, mechanically inoperable and in a location visible from public property for 20 days OR
  • On public property and partially dismantled or missing major mechanical parts OR
  • On public property for a period of three days without being proven operable. 

Departmental Procedures

  1. The Inspector verifies that the vehicle is considered abandoned according to Indiana State Law.
  2. The vehicle is ticketed with a red tag advising the owner that the vehicle must be proven operable or removed.
  3. If the vehicle owner has not complied within 72 hours, the vehicle is towed.
  4. If the vehicle is valued at under $500, the vehicle is sold for scrap immediately.
  5. If the vehicle is valued at over $500, the owners will receive written notification allowing them 15 days to reclaim their vehicle.

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