Food Truck Licenses & Check-In

Food Vending Vehicle Licensing Information

Welcome to South Bend Food Truck Check-In!

Food Truck Check-In is a requirement for food truck vendors to remain in compliance with City Ordinance 4-45 when doing business in South Bend’s city limits per the Business Licensing Department. In doing so, food truck vendors will also gain the benefit of informing the public of their current business location. Note that chosen service locations are valid for no longer than 4 hours.

Check-In requires that food truck vendors select their name from the Vendor drop-down list, enter their City-provided password, and mark that your submission is complete; food truck vendors may include a short notice of when customers can expect their truck to be in the chosen location, though this is not required. Once the short form has been completed, vendors can then move the pin in the Check-In map to the location they will be doing business from, or use the "Locate Me" button if utilizing a device with GPS capabilities. Vendors that have successfully submitted the correct check-in information will have their location and given schedule information posted in the South Bend Food Truck Viewer, a publicly accessible app that enables customers to find your food truck!  Note that your location on this map will automatically be removed after 4 hours from check-in; this means check-in should occur as close to actual set-up time as possible, otherwise you lose your time on the Viewer map.

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