ReLeaf - Leaf Pickup

City of South Bend ReLeaf

The 2014 ReLeaf program will run from Monday, October 20 through the first week of December (weather permitting). 

***Previous scheduling was to end November 20.  Due to the recent onslaught of winter weather, the program has been extended.***

Here are some helpful steps from the Street Department to streamline the pick-up process:

  1. Please rake leaves to the curb line but do not rake leaves into the street, as this will plug the street drains, which could cause flooding during rain.
  2. Avoid parking on top or in front of leaf piles along curb lines, as this hampers collection crews.
  3. Do not contaminate leaf piles with sticks, trash, or other debris. To prevent equipment damage, crews cannot collect such piles and property owners will be responsible for their disposal.
  4. Burning leaves is a violation of City ordinance.

The City also reminds residents that plastic bags for yard waste will not be collected. A City ordinance prohibiting the use of plastic bags for yard waste went into effect on January 1, 2014.

According to the ordinance, yard waste for pickup must be placed in a biodegradable paper bag or other container approved by the City, and separated from other garbage. Individual bags or containers may weigh no more than 35 pounds.

Residents also can sign up to receive a 96-gallon container labeled “Yard Waste Only.” The City-provided container will not be subject to the 35-pound weight limit. To sign up for a yard waste container, please call the City’s customer-service line, 311.

*Actobat Reader Required