Human Rights


The purpose of the South Bend Human Rights Commission is to study and act upon problems which involve relationships between members of different ethnic groups, sexes, nationalities, creeds, the disabled and families with children. The South Bend Human Rights Commission's duties lie in enforcing employment, fair housing, public accommodations, AND education. Their goal is to ensure equal employment opportunity for all individuals, and to provide legal recourse in the areas of discrimination. The Human Rights Commission provides keys to unlock the doors of discrimination.

Mission Statement

To provide service to the citizens of South Bend through impartial, unbiased decisions regarding discrimination charges filed with the South Bend Human Rights Commission under the ordinance in areas of employment, housing, public accommodation and education, based on race, religion, color, sex, national origin or ancestry, disability and in housing familial status. To stimulate community awareness of equal protection of the law in protected areas through education, collaboration, and coordination with other community agencies. Duties and Powers of the Commission: In addition to receiving and or initiating investigations of discriminatory practices and recommending for appointment to the Mayor such personnel as may be necessary, the Commission can act as conciliator in matters involving race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry. It can create advisory committees and sub-committees to effectuate its purposes. It can recomend to the Mayor and Common Council legislation to further purposes of the ordinance. It can take testimony of any person under oath relating to any matter in question before it. Upon the approval of the Department of Law, it can subpoena witnesses, documents, and records pertinent to matters under investigation.


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South Bend Human Rights Commission
319 N. Niles Ave • South Bend, Indiana 46617