Randy Wilkerson, Director
Department of Code Enforcement
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Code Enforcement


Neighborhood Cleanup Opportunities

Do you...

     ...have an interest in volunteering?

     ...want to help clean our neighborhoods?

     ...enjoy meeting new people?

Then please join us at one or all of the following cleanups:

  • Near Northwest Neighborhood - April 14th - 8am-noon -  Meet at: 1007 Portage
  • Near Westside Neighborhood - April 21st - St. Paul's Church (1001 W. Colfax)- 8am meet for conversation, cleanup from 9-12. Join everyone for the after party!
  • River Park - April 28th - 10am-noon - Meet at: Corner of Pleasant and Ironwood OR Corner of Ironwood and Mishawaka

Want more information about neighborhood cleanups?  Click here!

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About Us

Code Enforcement is responsible for upholding city codes regarding environmental, housing and zoning ordinances. 

Please see Code Enforcement Overview for more information.

Animal Control is responsible for upholding city codes regarding dogs, cats, wildlife, animal bites, and pet licensing.

Open Data about Code Enforcement can be found on the City's Open Data Portal.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 4:45pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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